Partner with FINDBOM

Findbom Global Distribution Partnership Program

Findbom is seeking to expand its global network of distributors, manufacturers and resellers by taking on new partners interested in marketing electronic components based on the cutting-edge Findbom distribution and online ordering system. The accumulative sales potential of this continuously expanding partner community is tremendous.


If you are a local electronic components distribution company (or a 1st or 2nd tier local rep of a relevant global player) with an active market/customer base and years of experience in the electronics components industry, you may find our partnership program interesting.


Findbom partnerships enable our local partners and agencies to represent over 2,000,000 items in the marketplace, while offering unlimited competitive pricing to existing and potential customers. In addition, our cloud based ordering system provides them with a complete search and ordering solution that interfaces seamlessly with their existing ERP and finance systems. Findbom is your growth engine!

Business Model

Based on proven success, the Findbom partnership business model allows full use of its proprietary database, search engine and online ordering platform all for a marginal monthly fee.

We offer you the opportunity to implement the Findbom network locally or deploy it under your own private label to leverage your existing assets.