Electronic Components Distributor

Findbom is an international distribution company offering a comprehensive electronic components online database, search engine and a complete online ordering system. These tools provide instantaneous inventory and pricing globally for all major vendors and distributors in the electronics components industry. Our proprietary automated search technology uses sophisticated algorithms to gather all relevant information on the offerings of all the main players.

Tremendous Market

The growth potential in the electronic components distribution arena is tremendous. According to Market Line, the global electronic component and semiconductor market reached $430 billion in 2010 and is expected to grow 8% annually through 2015 to $628 billion. Integrated semiconductors represent the leading market segment, reaching almost $230 billion in 2010 or some 54% of the overall market.
Advanced Online Ordering System

Findbom works with the largest distributors, manufacturers and resellers of electronic components, interconnects products, equipment and devices in the world. This allows us to offer an incredible inventory of 2,000,000 items to our customers worldwide. Thanks to its advanced ordering system and global distribution network, Findbom also provides swift, flexible worldwide delivery. Created with advanced development tools the Findbom application is capable running on a wide variety of mediums including iPads, iPhones and Androids turning them into powerful tools for buyers and agencies.

Global inventory management

  • Retail inventory
  • Local distributor inventory
  • International distributor inventory
  • Global Findbom agency inventory

Users can even use the system to get price quotes from their own personal suppliers.