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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Honeywell s&c .3030AN40 VRS SPEED SENSOR, 190V P-P, 910 OHMS, 0. Yes
Honeywell s&c 10-15235 Switch Hardware Washer, Brass For BA/BE/BZ, etc Yes
Honeywell s&c 10-21016 Basic / Snap Action / Limit Switches LARGE BASIC S...(more)SW (less) Yes
Honeywell s&c 111-104HAK-H01 Thermistors - NTC THERMISTORS Yes
Honeywell s&c 111-172CAG-H02 Industrial Temperature Sensors THERMISTORS Yes
Honeywell s&c 112-205PAJ-B01 THERMISTOR 2M OHM GLASS RADIAL Yes
Honeywell s&c 112TW431-82 Toggle Switches SEALED OI Yes
Honeywell s&c 1172CX12 Honeywell / Clarostat Yes
Honeywell s&c 1172CX2 Honeywell / Clarostat Yes
Honeywell s&c 11NT1-7-NH Switch Toggle (ON) OFF (ON) SPDT Round Lever Solde...(more)er Lug 10A 277VAC 372.85VA Panel Mount with Threads (less) Yes
Honeywell s&c 11SM3-T Switch, Basic, SubMiniature, 5 AMPS, PIN PLUNGER Yes
Honeywell s&c 11TW1-3 Toggle Switches 1 Pole 2 Position Standard Lever Yes
Honeywell s&c 120-202EAD-Q02 Thermistors - NTC 2KOhm 20% RAD Thermistor Probe Yes
Honeywell s&c 120-202EAG-Q01 Thermistors - NTC 2K Ohm 20% RAD Thermistor Probe Yes
Honeywell s&c 120-202EAJ-Q01 Thermistors - NTC 2,000 Ohm resistance mini glass ...(more) probe (less) Yes
Honeywell s&c 120-503JAJ-Q01 Honeywell Yes
Honeywell s&c 121-202EAJ-Q01 IN-LINE PROBE; Thermistor Type:NTC; Resistance:2ko...(more)ohm; Thermistor Tolerance:-20% to +20%; Beta Value (K):3518K; Operating Temperature Range:-60C to +300C; Thermistor Case Style:Radial Leaded; No. of Pins:2 ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (less) Yes
Honeywell s&c 123050-05 SWITCH, PRESSURE, 4041 SERIES Yes
Honeywell s&c 12TS15-1 SWITCH, TOGGLE, DPDT, 20A, 277V Yes
Honeywell s&c 1312205 CABLE, OLFLEX, PU, 5CORE, 1MM, PER M Yes
Honeywell s&c 076578 00000100 01 Industrial Pressure / Force Sensors PRESSURE SWITC...(more)CH N/O 5000 SCREW (less) Yes
Honeywell s&c 077040 00000100 01 Industrial Pressure / Force Sensors PRESSURE SWITC...(more)CH D/C 5000 HARD BL (less) Yes
Honeywell s&c 077343 02.0HG 01 Industrial Pressure / Force Sensors SPST-NC 2 in H...(more)Hg 3MM 120VAC VACUUM SCREW (less) Yes
Honeywell s&c 083357A 00000030 21 Yes
Showing 1-25 of 700
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