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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Amphenol 00070-2102-0001 00070-2102-0001 No
Amphenol 003261-115-59 Yes
Amphenol 010-007777-0002 21-901195-002 No
Amphenol 000-68175-1004 Conn BNC PL 50Ohm Crimp ST Cable Mount No
Amphenol 0016500509 PCS PART No
Amphenol 010-007422-001 21-901034-005 No
Amphenol 000-6775-75 Conn BNC PL 75Ohm Solder ST No
Amphenol 00111510102 Modules Yes
Amphenol 010-006327-001 CONN D38999 CIRC ST No
Amphenol 000-36775 Amphenol Aerospace Yes
Amphenol 000-8575 Conn BNC PL 0Hz to 4GHz 50Ohm Solder RA Cable Moun...(more)nt Silver/Gold (less) No
Amphenol 00871-1853-0002 21-900983-002 No
Amphenol 000-34450 Conn Triax RCP 0Hz to 500MHz 50Ohm Solder Cup ST P...(more)Panel Mount Silver (less) No
Amphenol 000-79700 Jack-Plug-Jack No
Amphenol 0041-1401 0041-1401 No
Amphenol 000-16300 Conn BNC PL 0Hz to 4GHz 50Ohm Solder ST Cable Moun...(more)nt Silver/Gold (less) No
Amphenol 000-7925-RFX Conn Twinax Adapter RCP/RCP 0Hz to 200MHz ST Gold No
Amphenol 0041-1301 0041-1301 No
Amphenol 010-007886 LRM FIBER OPTIC INSERT TRIPLE / 10-504819-03X No
Amphenol 000-79100 Conn TNC Adapter RCP/RCP ST Panel Mount No
Amphenol 00326150159 Yes
Amphenol 010-007777-0004 21-901195-004 No
Amphenol 000-79075 Conn TNC PL 0Hz to 11GHz 50Ohm Solder RA Cable Mou...(more)unt (less) No
Amphenol 00326120059 Yes
Amphenol 010-007777-0003 21-901195-003 No
Showing 1-25 of 351820
  1  2  3  4  5
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