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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Ruko 101002 DRILL, TUBE/SHEET, HSS, CBN, NO.2 Yes
Ruko 101003 DRILL, TUBE/SHEET, HSS, CBN, NO.3 Yes
Ruko 101004 DRILL, TUBE/SHEET, HSS, CBN, NO.4 Yes
Ruko 102144 DEBURRER, HAND, HSS, DIN335C, 90DEG Yes
Ruko 102205 COUNTERSINK, STR SHK, 60DEG, 16MM Yes
Ruko 102302E DEBURRER, 5-10MM Yes
Ruko 106035 HOLE SAW, HSS, BI-METAL, 35MM Yes
Ruko 106041 HOLE SAW, HSS, BI-METAL, 41MM Yes
Ruko 106044 HOLE SAW, HSS, BI-METAL, 44MM Yes
Ruko 106051 HOLE SAW, HSS, BI-METAL, 51MM Yes
Ruko 109220 PUNCH, HOLE, ROUND, 22MM; SVHC:No SVHC (19-Dec-201...(more)12); External Diameter:22mm; Punch Tool Type:Hole; Tip Size:22mm ;RoHS Compliant: NA (less) Yes
Ruko 116001 ROTARY BURR SET, TC, 3PC Yes
Ruko 116020 ROTARY BURR, TC, OVAL, 6MM Yes
Ruko 116021 ROTARY BURR, TC, OVAL, 8MM Yes
Ruko 116022 ROTARY BURR, TC, OVAL, 10MM Yes
Ruko 116023 ROTARY BURR, TC, OVAL, 12MM Yes
Ruko 116026 ROTARY BURR, TC, TREE, 8MM Yes
Ruko 116027 ROTARY BURR, TC, TREE, 10MM Yes
Ruko 201 010 DRILL BIT, N HSS, 1MM Yes
Ruko 201 011 DRILL BIT, N HSS, 1.1MM Yes
Ruko 201 012 DRILL BIT, N HSS, 1.2MM Yes
Ruko 201 013 DRILL BIT, N HSS, 1.3MM Yes
Ruko 201 014 DRILL BIT, N HSS, 1.4MM Yes
Ruko 201 015 Bulk Yes
Ruko 201 016 DRILL BIT, N HSS, 1.6MM Yes
Showing 1-25 of 52
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