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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Spectrum control 1221-001 FILTER, POWER LINE, EMI, 10A; Filter Type:Solder I...(more)In; Current Rating:10A; Voltage Rating:300V; Capacitance:5500pF; Filter Terminals:Axial Threaded (less) Yes
Spectrum control 12-MMF-010-11-F AC Power Line Filters 120/250VAC 10A POWER LINE FI...(more)ILTER DUAL (less) Yes
Spectrum control 267250-4 GASKET, D, 37WAY Yes
Spectrum control 267253-1 GASKET, D, 25WAY; Accessory Type:Gasket; For Use W...(more)With:I/O Connectors; SVHC:No SVHC (18-Jun-2012); Attenuation:70dB; Attenuation Frequency Range:1MHz-18GHz; Material:Fabric Around Neoprene; Material Composition:Woven fabric around ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (less) Yes
Spectrum control 51-321-312 EMI Feedthrough Filters 200VDC/125VAC 1A LOW PASS ...(more) HERM FILTER (less) Yes
Spectrum control 51-321-318 EMI Feedthrough Filters .72UF 400V 3A Yes
Spectrum control 51-321-329 EMI Feedthrough Filters .5UF 200V 10A Yes
Spectrum control 51-343-034 EMI Feedthrough Filters 1.4UF 50V 15A Yes
Spectrum control 51-704-002 EMI Feedthrough Filters M28861/01-009GB HERMETICAL...(more)LLY SEALED (less) Yes
Spectrum control 51-744-002 EMI Feedthrough Filters 5500pF Pi 8-32 TUR. Yes
Spectrum control 52-970-103-TA0 EMI LOW PASS FILTER Yes
Spectrum control 54713075X5V152P EMI Feedthrough Filters 1500PF 200V Yes
Spectrum control 54-785-002 Electromechanical Filter Solder-In Filter No
Spectrum control 54804002X5R101M EMI LOW PASS FILTER Yes
Spectrum control 54804002X5R471M EMI LOW PASS FILTER Yes
Spectrum control 54804002X5V102P EMI LOW PASS FILTER Yes
Spectrum control 54-874-018 EMI LOW PASS FILTER Yes
Spectrum control 54F-713-108 EMI Feedthrough Filters .187HX 8-32 100V Yes
Spectrum control 54F-844-002 EMI Feedthrough Filters HI CURRENT/VOLT FILT Yes
Spectrum control 55DC-132-211-F FILM CAPACITOR Yes
Spectrum control 55DC-132-211-M FILM CAPACITOR Yes
Spectrum control 55DC-132-211-S FILM CAPACITOR Yes
Spectrum control 56-121-011 EMI FILTERED D-SUB CONNECTOR Yes
Spectrum control 56-122-010-3-GL D-Sub Standard Connectors 25 PIN MALE Yes
Spectrum control 56-514-013-GBL CONNECTOR, DSUB FLTR, RCPT 15POS, 1000PF; Series:5...(more)500; No. of Contacts:15; D Sub Shell Size:DA; Connector Body Material:Metal; Gender:Receptacle; Capacitance:1000pF; Contact Termination:Through Hole Right Angle; Body Material:Steel ;RoHS Compliant: No (less) Yes
Showing 1-25 of 55
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