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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Tracopower ESP 60-24SN Bulk Yes
Tracopower TCL 024-105 Bulk Yes
Tracopower TDR 2-4813WI Bulk Yes
Tracopower TDR 3-4182WI Bulk Yes
Tracopower TDR 3-4182WI SM Bulk Yes
Tracopower TDR 3-4813WI Bulk Yes
Tracopower TEL 15-1223 CONVERTER, DC/DC, 15W, +/-15V/0.5A Yes
Tracopower TEL 3-0523 CONVERTER, DC/DC, 3W, +/-15V Yes
Tracopower TEL 5-1223 CONVERTER, DC/DC, 5W, +/-15V Yes
Tracopower TEN 15-1223. CONVERTER, DC/DC, 15W, +/-15V Yes
Tracopower TEN 20-4810WIN DC/DC, 3.3V, 5.5A Yes
Tracopower TEN 20-4811WIN DC/DC, 5V, 4A Yes
Tracopower TEN 20-4812WIN DC/DC, 12V, 1.67A Yes
Tracopower TEN 20-4813WIN DC/DC, 15V, 1.33A Yes
Tracopower TEN 25-1223 CONVERTER, DC/DC, 25W, +/-15V Yes
Tracopower TEN 40-4813N Bulk Yes
Tracopower TEN 5-1223 DC-DC CONV, ISO POL, 2 O/P, 6W, 15V, -15V; DC / DC...(more)C Converter Type:Isolated POL; DC / DC Converter Output Type:Fixed; Input Voltage VDC:9V to 18V; No. of Outputs:2; Output Voltage Nom.:15V, -15V; Output Current Max:200mA, 200mA ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (less) Yes
Tracopower TEN 5-4823 Bulk Yes
Tracopower TEN5-0511 Yes
Tracopower TES 2-1212M CONVERTER DC DC, SMD, 2W, 12V, 0.16A Yes
Tracopower TES 3-1222 CONVERTER, DC/DC, 3W, +/-12V Yes
Tracopower TES 3-1223 CONVERTER, DC/DC, 3W, +/-15V Yes
Tracopower TES 3-2411 CONVERTER, DC/DC, 3W, 5V Yes
Tracopower TES 3-2412 CONVERTER, DC/DC, 3W, 12V Yes
Tracopower TES 3-2422 CONVERTER, DC/DC, 3W, +/-12V Yes
Showing 1-25 of 54
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