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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Kingbright AAAF5051-03 High Power LEDs - Multi-Color RGB 624/525/450nm 9K...(more)K/20K/4500 mcd (less) Yes
Kingbright APBDA3020SURKCGKC-GX Standard LED - SMD Red/Grn 900/320mcd 630/574nm 15...(more)5deg (less) Yes
Kingbright APFA3010SEEZGQBDC Standard LEDs - SMD RA RGB 621/525/470nm 300/250/1...(more)100 mcd (less) Yes
Kingbright APT1608QWF/D Standard LEDs - SMD White 230mcd 30mA 120 Deg Yel ...(more) Flrscnt (less) Yes
Kingbright APT1608SGC 1.6X0.8MM,GRN SMD LED, SMD LED, T&R Yes
Kingbright APT1608SGC. Standard LEDs - SMD GREEN WATER CLEAR Yes
Kingbright APT2012SRCPRV 2.0X1.2MM, RED SMD LED, SMD LED, T&R Yes
Kingbright APT2012SRCPRV. Standard LEDs - SMD RED WATER CLEAR Yes
Kingbright APTB1612ESGC-F01 Standard LED - SMD Red/Grn 625/568nm Water Clear 1...(more)12/12mcd (less) Yes
Kingbright APTB1615ESGC-F01 Standard LED - SMD Red/Grn 625/568nm Water Clear 1...(more)12/12mcd (less) Yes
Kingbright APTD1608QWF/D Standard LEDs - SMD SMD White 250mcd 170deg Yes
Kingbright APTD1608QWF/D. Standard LEDs - SMD SMD White 250mcd 170deg Yes
Kingbright APTF1616SEEZGQBDC Standard LEDs - SMD RGB 621/525/470nm 400/180/100 ...(more) mcd (less) Yes
Kingbright BA56-12EWA LED Displays & Accessories Tri Red 625nm Common An...(more)node (less) Yes
Kingbright BA56-12GWA LED Displays & Accessories Tri Green 568nm Common ...(more) Anode (less) Yes
Kingbright BA56-12SRWA LED Displays & Accessories RED DIFFUSED 3 DIGIT Yes
Kingbright BA56-12YWA LED Displays & Accessories YELLOW DIFFUSED 3 DIGIT Yes
Kingbright DE/4YD LIGHT BAR, YELLOW, 15MM X 15MM; LED Configuration:...(more):Bar; LED Color:Yellow; Forward Voltage:2.5V; Forward Current If:30mA; No. of LEDs:4; Luminous Intensity:35mcd; Display Size:15mm x 15mm ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (less) Yes
Kingbright KB-2800CGKD LIGHT BAR, GREEN; LED Configuration:Bar; LED Color...(more)r:Green; Forward Voltage:2.1V; Forward Current If:20mA; No. of LEDs:4; Luminous Intensity:91mcd; Display Size:8.89mm x 8.89mm ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (less) Yes
Kingbright KP-3216YC LED, SMD, 1206, YELLOW Yes
Kingbright KPTD-3216SECK LED, SMD, 1206, LENS, ULTRA ORANGE Yes
Kingbright KTIR0621DS PHOTO INTERRUPTER; SVHC:No SVHC (20-Jun-2013); Cur...(more)rrent Transfer Ratio Typ:200%; (less) Yes
Kingbright KTIR0721DS PHOTO INTERRUPTER; SVHC:No SVHC (19-Dec-2012); Fal...(more)ll Time tf:70s; Input Current:50mA; Material:GaAs/SiC; No. of Pins:4; Opto Case Style:SMD; Peak Wavelength:940nm; Rise Time:80s ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (less) Yes
Kingbright L-1413GDT LED, FLAT TOP, 4MM, GREEN Yes
Showing 1-25 of 47
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