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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Hirschmann 0-1005646-1 SENS PIEZO PLYCBL 20AWG 1K METER Yes
Hirschmann 02111002-000 CLIN STD ANALOG VER W/EMI PT 18 ;ROHS COMPLIANT: N...(more)NA (less) Yes
Hirschmann 02181600-120 0 to 120/s 41 mA 28 V -25 to 85C Rotary Variable I...(more)Inductance Transducer (less) Yes
Hirschmann 02351009-000 SENSOR GAGE HEAD GCD-SE 25.4MM Yes
Hirschmann 02561022-000 HCT IS Series 0 to 25 mm Intrinsically Safe 2-wire...(more)e 4-20 mA Position Transmitter (less) Yes
Hirschmann 09-01-1061A Vibration & Tilt Sensors DUAL AXIS CONNECTOR Yes
Hirschmann 10K3A1A-UL Thermistors - NTC Bead Thermistor ntc therm w/ lea...(more)ads (less) Yes
Hirschmann 10K3A1IB Thermistors - NTC Bead Thermistor ntc therm w/ lea...(more)ads (less) Yes
Hirschmann 1-1002910-0 Yes
Hirschmann 1-1004346-0 28 UM PIEZO FILM SHEET Yes
Hirschmann 1230-030D-3L Board Mount Pressure Sensors 0-30psid LONG PORT Yes
Hirschmann 2000286 TRANSDUCER W/TEMP 1000# 100MV Yes
Hirschmann 2000980 TRANSDUCER 1-5VDC 1000PSI Yes
Hirschmann 2000981 TRANSDUCER 1-5VDC 2500PSI Yes
Hirschmann 2000982 TRANSDUCER 1-5VDC 5000PSI Yes
Hirschmann 2000983 TRANSDUCER 1-5VDC 10000PSI Yes
Hirschmann 2000984 TRANSDUCER 4-20MA 25PSI Yes
Hirschmann 2000985 TRANSDUCER 4-20MA 50PSI Yes
Hirschmann 2000986 TRANSDUCER 4-20MA 75PSI Yes
Hirschmann 2000987 TRANSDUCER 4-20MA 100PSI Yes
Hirschmann 2000988 TRANSDUCER 4-20MA 250PSI Yes
Hirschmann 2000989 TRANSDUCER 4-20MA 500PSI Yes
Hirschmann 2-1002608-0 Vibration & Tilt Sensors DT1-052K Yes
Hirschmann 3022-010-N Yes
Hirschmann 3022-010-P Model 3022 Through Hole 10 g 2 to 10 V Analog Outp...(more)put Accelerometer (less) Yes
Showing 1-25 of 72
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