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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Panavise 03-42126-008 03-42126 Series 20 MHz 3.3 V Industrial Low Profil...(more)le Stratum 3 OCXO - DIP-4 (less) Yes
Panavise 03-42126-008P CTS Yes
Panavise 193-8MS DIP Switches / SIP Switches 8 switch sections SPST Yes
Panavise 193-8MSR DIP Switches / SIP Switches 8 switch sections SPST Yes
Panavise 201 Yes
Panavise 203 Pv Jr. Head To Fit All 300 Series Bases Yes
Panavise 204-124ST CTS Yes
Panavise 204-212ST CTS Yes
Panavise 206-212S CTS Yes
Panavise 206-212ST CTS Yes
Panavise 206-6S CTS Yes
Panavise 206-8RAS CTS Yes
Panavise 209 Vacuum Base Panavise No
Panavise 210-10LPST CTS Yes
Panavise 210-10MS CTS Yes
Panavise 210-10MST CTS Yes
Panavise 210-5MST CTS Yes
Panavise 212PO111S332RA Rotary Switches 1Pole 11Pos Shorting PC w/2.54mm s...(more)spacing (less) Yes
Panavise 212PO112N332RA Rotary Switches 1Pole 11Pos PC w/2.54mm spacing Yes
Panavise 212T0111S332RA Rotary Switches 1Pole 11Pos Shorting Solder Lug Yes
Panavise 212T0112N332RA 212 Series 12 Position 30 Indexing Panel Mount Ind...(more)dustrial Rotary Switch (less) Yes
Panavise 212T0405N328RN Rotary Switches 4Pole 5pos non short Rnd Shaft Yes
Panavise 239 SPEED CONTROL HANDLE, VICES; Accessory Type:Speed ...(more) Control Handle; For Use With:203 PV Jr. Head & 201, 207 and 209 PV Jr. Vices (less) Yes
Panavise 301 Yes
Panavise 305 Yes
Showing 1-25 of 132
  1  2  3  4  5
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