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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Mclean cooling technology AB2201171901 IMPELLER;220MM;115V;50/60HZ;545/634 CFM;2400/2600 ...(more) RPM;.8/1.0A;54IN LEAD/CAP INCL (less) Yes
Mclean cooling technology AB2251110901 IMPELLER;225MM;115V;50/60HZ;665/762CFM;2800/3100 R...(more)RPM;1.3/1.7A;54IN LEAD/CAP INCL (less) Yes
Mclean cooling technology AB2801193901 IMPELLER;280MM;115V;50/60HZ;950/1040CFM;2600/2850R...(more)RPM;1.9/2.7A;54IN LEAD/CAP INCL (less) Yes
Mclean cooling technology AB2802393901 IMPELLER;280MM;230V;50/60HZ;950/1040CFM;2600/2850R...(more)RPM;1.0/1.4A;54IN LEAD/CAP INCL (less) Yes
Mclean cooling technology G520846G050 AIR CONDITIONER;INDOOR;8800/9800 BTU/HR;460V 3~;50...(more)0/60HZ;3.1/3.2 A;TYPE 12/3R/4 (less) Yes
Mclean cooling technology G520846G100 Air Conditioner;Outdoor;Tstat;Comprsr Htr;GR-487;8...(more)8000BTU/Hr;460V/50-60Hz/1Ph (less) Yes
Mclean cooling technology SG1300404 Grill Kit Yes
Mclean cooling technology T150116G100 Air Conditioner;Outdoor Yes
Mclean cooling technology T150116G120 AIR CONDITIONER, 800BTU, 235W; Body Color:Grey; Ex...(more)xternal Height - Imperial:15.7"; External Height - Metric:400mm; External Width - Imperial:7.5"; External Width - Metric:191mm; External Depth - Imperial:6.3"; External Depth:160mm ;RoHS (less) Yes
Mclean cooling technology T150116G150 AIR CONDITIONER;OUTDOOR;800/800 BTU/HR;100/115V;50...(more)0/60HZ;3.8/3.6 A;TYPE 4/GR-487 (less) Yes
Mclean cooling technology T430616G100 AIR CONDITIONER, 6680BTU, 1756W; Enclosure Materia...(more)al:Steel; External Height - Imperial:43"; External Width - Imperial:15.75"; External Depth - Imperial:10.99"; Air Conditioning Capacity:6680BTU ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (less) Yes
Mclean cooling technology T430616G150 AIR CONDITIONER;OUTDOOR;6310/6680 BTU/HR;115V;50/6...(more)60HZ;9.2/8.6 A;TYPE 4/GR-487 (less) Yes
Showing 1-12 of 12
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