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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Duratool 02-10026 HEXAGON BIT SET, 1/4", PH2, 10PC Yes
Duratool 1.2809/B/SI MCM Duratool Yes
Duratool 13020 TAP WRENCH, STANDARD, S2 Yes
Duratool 13039 PUNCH/CHISEL SET, 12PC Yes
Duratool 1626 BRAID, DESOLDERING, ROSIN, 10FT; Braid Material:Co...(more)opper; Width:0.075"; Length:10ft; Leaded Process Compatible:Yes; Peak Reflow Compatible (260 C):Yes; Roll Length:10ft ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (less) Yes
Duratool 203619 JOBBER DRILL, TIN, 6.50MM Yes
Duratool 20-725-150 BLACKSMITHS DRILL, HSS, 15MM Yes
Duratool 20-935-023 STUB DRILL, HSS, 2.3MM Yes
Duratool 2101-01D COMBINATION PLIER, 160MM Yes
Duratool 21-10255 LED MAG LAMP Yes
Duratool 21-10275 HELPING HANDS 4X MAG, Each Yes
Duratool 21-10300 3 INCH MAGNIFER 3X WITH 6 LEDS Yes
Duratool 21-10305 CLIP MAGNIFIER WITH 2 LED Yes
Duratool 21-10310 LED TABLE MAGNIFIER Yes
Duratool 21-10315 6X DOME LOUPE Yes
Duratool 21-10320 10X DOME LOUPE Yes
Duratool 21-10325 15X DOME LOUPE Yes
Duratool 21-10330 10X & 20X JEWELERS LOUPE Yes
Duratool 21-10335 20X LOUPE WITH LED Yes
Duratool 21-10340 40X LOUPE WITH LED Yes
Duratool 21-10345 3X FOLDING MAGNIFIER WITH 2 LEDS Yes
Duratool 21-11640 LEAD FREE SOLDER SN99.3/CU0.7 1.2MM 3...(more)3.5 OZ (less) Yes
Duratool 21-11642 60/40 SOLDER 0.8MM 3.5 OZ Yes
Duratool 21-11644 60/40 SOLDER 1.2MM 4.4 LBS Yes
Duratool 21-12310 Duratool Yes
Showing 1-25 of 261
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