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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Power-one, inc. (MAP80-4001) Yes
Power-one, inc. 110IMY70-24-24-8 DC/DC CONVERT DUAL 24V 1.3A Yes
Power-one, inc. 20IMX35D15D15-8 Module DC-DC 4-OUT 15V/15V/15V/15V 0.55A/0.55A/0.5...(more)55A/0.55A 35W 17-Pin (less) No
Power-one, inc. 20IMX70-24-24-8 DC/DC CONVERT DUAL 24V Yes
Power-one, inc. 20IMX7-24-24-8 Power-One Yes
Power-one, inc. 24IMP3-0505-7S DC/DC CONVERT +/-5V 0.25A Yes
Power-one, inc. 24IMS7-24-24-9 Module DC-DC 2-OUT 24V 0.15A 7.2W 9-Pin No
Power-one, inc. 24IXP3-0505-7 Yes
Power-one, inc. 24IXP3-05-7 Yes
Power-one, inc. 24IXP3-05-7S Yes
Power-one, inc. 24IXP3-1212-7 Yes
Power-one, inc. 24IXP3-1212-7S Yes
Power-one, inc. 24IXP3-12-7 Yes
Power-one, inc. 24IXP3-12-7S Yes
Power-one, inc. 24IXP3-1515-7 Yes
Power-one, inc. 24IXP3-1515-7S Yes
Power-one, inc. 40IMX15-05-8RG Module DC-DC 1-OUT 5.1V 3.5A 17.5W 9-Pin No
Power-one, inc. 40IMX4-1212-8 Module DC-DC 2-OUT 12V/-12V 0.17A 4.1W 13-Pin DIL No
Power-one, inc. 412-59584 Cover For MAP55 AC-DC Series Of Power Supplies No
Power-one, inc. 412-59585-G Cover For MAP80 AC-DC Power Supply No
Power-one, inc. 412-59586-G Cover For MAP130 AC-DC Series Of Power Supplies No
Power-one, inc. 70IMX7-12-12-8 Module DC-DC 2-OUT 12V 0.3A 7.2W 9-Pin No
Power-one, inc. ABC200-1012G Power-One Yes
Power-one, inc. ABC200-1024G AC/DC Power Supply Single-OUT 24V 8.5A 204W 13-Pin No
Power-one, inc. ABC200-1048G AC/DC Power Supply Single-OUT 48V 4.25A 204W 13-Pi...(more)in (less) No
Showing 1-25 of 463
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