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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Stmicroelectronics 1.5KE400CA DIODE, TVS, 400V, 1.5KW Yes
Stmicroelectronics 1N5711 STMicroelectronics Yes
Stmicroelectronics 2N2222 TRANSISTOR NPN 30V .8A TO-18 Yes
Stmicroelectronics 2N2222A TRANSISTOR,NPN,40V,0.6A,TO18 Yes
Stmicroelectronics 2N3700 TRANSISTOR NPN 80V 1A TO-18 Yes
Stmicroelectronics 2N6287 BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR, PNP, -100V TO-3; Transistor Po...(more)olarity:PNP; Collector Emitter Voltage V(br)ceo:100V; Power Dissipation Pd:160W; DC Collector Current:20A; DC Current Gain hFE:750; No. of Pins:2; Leaded Process Compatible:Yes ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (less) Yes
Stmicroelectronics 2STF1340 2STF1340 Series NPN 40 V 3A Low Voltage Fast-Switc...(more)ching Power Transistor - SOT-89 (less) Yes
Stmicroelectronics 2STF2550 IC TRANS PNP 50V 5A SOT 89 Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LCX00TTR Logic Circuit, Quad 2-Input NAND, LCX-CMOS, 14 Pin...(more)n, Plastic, TSSOP (less) Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LCX04MTR STMicroelectronics Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LCX07TTR IC, HEX BUFFER, SMD, TSSOP14; Logic Device Type:Bu...(more)uffer, Non Inverting; Supply Voltage Min:2V; Supply Voltage Max:3.6V; Logic Case Style:TSSOP; No. of Pins:14; Operating Temperature Min:-40C; Operating Temperature Max:85C; SVHC:No ;RoHS Compliant: Yes (less) Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LCX14MTR 74LCX14 Series 3.6 V Low Voltage CMOS Hex Schmitt ...(more) Inverter - SOIC-14 (less) Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LCX14TTR STMicroelectronics Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LCX244MTR Buffer/Line Driver 8-CH Non-Inverting 3-ST CMOS 20...(more)0-Pin SOP T/R (less) Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LCX244TTR Buffers & Line Drivers Octal Bus Buffer Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LCX374MTR Flip Flops Quad "D" Latch Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LCX541MTR Buffers & Line Drivers Octal Bus Buffer Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LVC161284TTR IC, TRANSCEIVER, IEEE1284, SMD Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LVCZ161284ATTR Bus Transceivers Hi-Spd IEEE1284 Tran Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LVX08MTR IC GATE AND QUAD 2INP 14-SOIC Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LVX132MTR IC GATE NAND QUAD 2INP 14-SOIC Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LX1G00STR stmicroelectronics Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74LX1G08STR STMicroelectronics Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74V1G86STR Yes
Stmicroelectronics 74V1T03STR IC GATE NAND SGL 2INP SOT23-5 Yes
Showing 1-25 of 438
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