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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Tracopower TES 3-2423 CONVERTER, DC/DC, 3W, +/-15V Yes
Tracopower TES 5-1223 CONVERTER, DC/DC, SMD, 5W, 15V/0.2A Yes
Tracopower THI 2-1212M CONVERTER DC DC, 2W, 12V, 0.165 Yes
Tracopower THL 20-4811WI Bulk Yes
Tracopower THL 20-4812WI Bulk Yes
Tracopower THN 20-4810WI Bulk Yes
Tracopower THN 20-4811WI DC/DC CONVERTER, 5V, 20W, DIP Yes
Tracopower THN 20-4812WI DC/DC CONVERTER, 12V, 20W, DIP Yes
Tracopower THN 20-4813WI Bulk Yes
Tracopower TMA 1505D CONVERTER, DC/DC, 1W, +/-5V/0.1A Yes
Tracopower TMA 1505S CONVERTER, DC/DC, 1W, 5V/0.2A Yes
Tracopower TMA 1512D DC/DC Converter,1W,+-12V/0.04A Yes
Tracopower TMA 1512S CONVERTER, DC/DC, 1W, 12V/0.1A Yes
Tracopower TMA 1515D CONVERTER, DC/DC, 1W, +/-15V/0.04A Yes
Tracopower TMA 1515S CONVERTER, DC/DC, 1W, 15V/0.1A Yes
Tracopower TMA1212S Bulk Yes
Tracopower TME 1212S Bulk Yes
Tracopower TML 05105 PSU, ENCAPSULATED, 5W, 5V Yes
Tracopower TML 40512 PSU, AC/DC, 5& 2 X 12V, 40W, MODULE Yes
Tracopower TMR3-4810WI Bulk Yes
Tracopower TOF 100-24FM CONVERTER, AC/DC, 24V, 4.5/100W, OP. Yes
Tracopower TRA 1-0511 Bulk Yes
Tracopower TSM 1212D CONVERTER, DC/DC, SMT, 1W, +/-12V Yes
Tracopower TSM 1212S CONVERTER, DC/DC, SMT, 1W, 12V Yes
Tracopower TSM 1215D CONVERTER, DC/DC, SMT, 1W, +/-15V Yes
Showing 26-50 of 54
  1  2
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