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Image Manufacturer Part No. Description Tech Info RoHS Price & Availablity
Coiltronics DR125-6R8-R Ind Power Shielded 6.8uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 6.64A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR125-8R2-R Ind Power Shielded 8.2uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 5.54A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR125-8R2-R. POWER INDUCTOR, 8.2UH, 5.54A, 20% Yes
Coiltronics DR125-R47-R Ind Power Shielded 470nH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 17.6A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-100-R Ind Power Shielded 10uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 6.04A T...(more)T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-101-R Ind Power Shielded 100uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 1.96A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-102-R Ind Power Shielded 1mH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 610mA T/...(more)/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-150-R Ind Power Shielded 15uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 5.03A T...(more)T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-151-R Ind Power Shielded 150uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 1.59A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-1R0-R Ind Power Shielded 1uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 15.5A T/...(more)/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-1R5-R Ind Power Shielded 1.5uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 13.5A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-220-R Ind Power Shielded 22uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 4A T/R No
Coiltronics DR127-221-R Ind Power Shielded 220uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 1.29A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-2R2-R Ind Power Shielded 2.2uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 12.5A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-330-R Ind Power Shielded 33uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 3.23A T...(more)T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-331-R Ind Power Shielded 330uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 1.04A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-3R3-R Ind Power Shielded 3.3uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 10.5A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-470-R Ind Power Shielded 47uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 2.95A T...(more)T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-471-R Ind Power Shielded 470uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 850mA ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-4R7-R Ind Power Shielded 4.7uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 8.25A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-680-R Ind Power Shielded 68uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 2.44A T...(more)T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-681-R Ind Power Shielded 680uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 760mA ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-6R8-R Ind Power Shielded 6.8uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 7.34A ...(more) T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-820-R Ind Power Shielded 82uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 2.09A T...(more)T/R (less) No
Coiltronics DR127-821-R Ind Power Shielded 820uH 20% 100KHz Ferrite 650mA ...(more) T/R (less) No
Showing 101-125 of 329
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